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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why Blue Mountain Sucks

So I'm back from Blue Mountain after leaving YESTERDAY. As a result of 14 degree Celsius weather and rain, there is currently almost no snow on Blue Mountain. Actually, scratch that. There is no snow on Blue Mountain, just ice.

Possible bonuses included getting to drive there and most of the way back; however, driving there was hell itself. Due to the aforementioned high temperatures, the snow was actually steaming and creating a fog so thick even Moses and Chuck Norris combined wouldn't be able to part it. But I didn't kill myself/my dad so I guess it wasn't all bad.

*shakes fist at global warming*

Additionally, Blue Mountain sucks so much that they can't even keep the power on. So there I was, stuck in a cottage so close to skiing yet unable to, with no power and a cloudy sky so I couldn't even read that easily (incidentally, READ GODS BEHAVING BADLY), with my brother who said about 2.5 words the whole weekend (the .5 accounting for a mumble).

So now I need to wait till January 2ndish for a decent enough snowfall to actually go skiing. Which sucks because I've been waiting since about September to go.

*shakes other fist at global warming*



Shiying! said...

Kwanzaa bot = Awesome futurama character.

P.S what an interesting coincidence. [not ironic at all]