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Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Install Flash Player 10 on Ubuntu

The above is my desktop on Ubuntu. Ubuntu being synonymous with amazingness. It took me the better part of a weekend to get everything up and running the way I wanted it to. How-to info coming as soon as I remember how-to. But for now a real lesson. How to get Flash to work on Ubuntu.

When I went onto Firefox for the first time after getting Ubuntu 8.04, it asked me if I wanted to install a flash player. I thought, yes, yes I would Firefox. Thanks for asking! This was possibly the most retarded decision I had ever made. And trust me I am retarded. Sound did not work on almost all flash video things. I was pissed. And it took me forever to find a solution. So here it is for all of you out there who have the same problem as me. I am pretty sure this works on all Ubuntu distributions; however, I only know for certain that it works on 8.04.

Go to System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manger

Click on "Search" and type in flash as your search query, let it search Description and Name.

A whole bunch of packages will come up. If ANY of the following are installed, click the box next to them and select mark for complete removal: flashplugin-nonfree, gnash, klash, konqueror-plugin-flash, libflash-mozplugin, libflashsupport, mozilla-plugin-gnash, swfdec-mozilla, ubuntu-restricted-extras, xubuntu-restricted extras.

Open up your internet browser and go to:

Choose to download the .tar.gz file for Linux (Do not choose the .deb, it can cause problems)

Save the file, do not use Archive Manager.

Once the .tar.gz file has downloaded, right click on it and choose extract here.

Open up Terminal (Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal)

Type in

cd Desktop/install_flash_player_10_linux
(You can copy and paste by highlighting what I wrote, right clicking, choosing copy, then right clicking on terminal and choosing paste.)

Now type in

Follow the instructions, and you're good to go!


P.S. To any of you people out there who are actually good with Ubuntu are grumbling about my very inefficient method of installing flash, this is the most failsafe method I have found of installing it.