Also known as Knewbuntu, Pneubuntu or Gnubuntu depending on your preference of silent letters.

Friday, December 12, 2008

So I have a blog...

woohoo first post. I am going to be writing on the premise that no one will actually read this, but do not let that deter you if you think you would enjoy the ramblings of a music-, lolcat- and ubuntu-addicted guy! I'll probably be posting a few Ubuntu help things, since I can feel your pain, fellow Unix users. Trust, once you get past the "O GOD, WTFZOMGBBQRTFM O WAIT I CAN'T RTFM THERE ISN'T ONE" part of it, you'll love it.

I may as well start off this specific post with a little info about moi (I sometimes randomly thrown in french words. Just for jokes). I've lived in England, Belgium, America, South Africa and now Canada. I've been in Canada for 3 years now, and am generally liking it. South Africa was probably my favourite country to live in, followed closely by England, but probably only because I was a toddler in England and everything is awesome when you're a toddler. I mean all that you have to do is eat, crap and look cute for relatives. But I digress.

I speak English, German and a little bit of Afrikaans. I wish I could speak French (hence the scattering of completely unnecessary French words), and am currently taking it in High School (amongst other subjects. I'm a little lot bit of a keener), where I am in Grade 11. I'm really into music, I've been playing flute for 5 years, oboe for 2 and guitar for 1. I like Metal and Classical genres of music, which is not as weird a mix as you may think (blog post idea!). Metal wise, Dark Tranquility and Amon Amarth are gods. Classical wise, CPE Bach and Mozart are gods. God wise, Chuck Norris is god.

So yeah, I hope you will enjoy whatever it is my sick twisted mind comes up with :D!