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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I miss Christmas.

School. If that word did not make you cringe, you are either a) a tool, or b) one of those horrendously annoying socialites who seem to think that Oakville = real world. [/rant]. So right now school is making me rather depressed, as you probably have not noticed in any way. This is due to the fact that it has combined with my extracurriculars to form this godless, 2-headed, attention-seeking, soul-leeching, mind-raping machine.

To give you an idea of my typical night/day:

11:00 PM - Finally finish being distracted by things
02:00 AM - Finish half of assignments, thinking I've completed them all
02:00:00.001 AM - ASLEEP
05:00 AM - Wake up, finish all assignments, thinking I've only done half
07:00 AM - Leave for school extracurricular, realize I've forgotten all assignments
07:00:01 AM - Realize I really don't care about assignments, go to school without retrieving them
08:00 AM - School, get mindraped by teachers

And this cycle continues every day of the week.

Now of course, to whine without productivity is pointless. So here is my suggestion. Start school 3 weeks earlier. Be done exams BEFORE Christmas. Come back, have second semester. Be done at beginning of June.

Anyone else liking this idea?



lyrical charlatan said...

That would be SO much better. You know what? We should start our own school board and make music theory/history a mandatory course. :P