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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas, not "Winter Festivities"

Since I am such a music nerd, I am co-president of the music council at my high school. As a result, I was a key figure in organizing our annual "Winter" Concert. *takes a bow*. I was also an MC, and made the mistake of referring to Christmas in my script. This was, of course, a complete no-no, because, you know, this concert has NOTHING to do with Christmas AT ALL. EVAR.

Which brings me to my point. ITS CHRISTMAS. GET OVER IT. I'm an atheist. I know that this holiday is supposed to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ (who was, incidentally, actually born in July. But that's another post), and I also don't believe in Jesus Christ as the figure presented in the bible. And I also don't care. Christmas is a time of year. If someone came up to me and said "Happy Hannukah" I would say "Happy Hannukah to you too". I wouldn't say "I won't say Happy Hannukah because it's not my religion and I find it offensive". Or if I wanted to say that I would just mumble an unintelligible snippet to that effect.

But that's not to say that it's the fault of all non-Christians that we have this whole OH NOES CANT SAY CHRISTMAS problem. No, it is the fault of the hyper-sensitive and overly politically correct society that exists today in North America.

So my point is:

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANNUKAH AND KRAZY KWANZAA (sorry, I have absolutely no idea what goes in front of Kwanzaa. Any tips?) EVERYONE



lyrical charlatan said...

LMAO krazy kwanzaa. I think it's just "happy Kwanzaa".

...I..I can't say That Word. If I do, my head will explode.

Shiying! said...

No one knows what kwanzaa is, not even Kwanzaa bot.

(I would have commented on your most recent post, but I had no idea what you were talking about. Linux hates my soul.)