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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of Organization and Planning

I have been in Germany these past few days, which has been a few days of many, many, many firsts. Since I have been in Germany, their sense of organization and control has rubbed off on me; therefore, the rest of this post will proceed buy way of ordered and unordered lists! :D

  1. My first wedding - Yes, believe it or not, I have actually never been to a wedding. In fact, I realized that I'd better go to at least a couple more, and soon, since I've actually been to way more funerals then weddings. This wedding involved my uncle, Ulf, being married to a very nice woman named Martina. I enjoyed it thoroughly (the actual getting married bit that is)!

  2. My first time getting drunk - Yes, it is true. I got drunk. But not by choice! You see, I find the taste of alcohol to be utterly revolting, and was actually adult-pressured into getting drunk by my aforementioned uncle. Also, since he knew I was an inexperienced drinker, it was decided that shots would be the best way to get me going. So yeah. And one more short note, the following firsts are all directly related to to this one.

  3. My first time singing an entire Michael Jackson album out loud - Some time between 23:00, when the official dinner ended and everyone made their way to the bar/dance floot, and 4:30, when I left the dance (the last drunken souls staggered to their respective rooms at the late early hour of 7:00), I did in fact complete this feat. I was quite proud of myself to be honest! The album of choice was the "Bad" album, which is, believe it or not, actually a very excellent album. My favourite song on that album has to be "Man in the Mirror", as evidenced by the fact that I sung it no less than 7 times, or so I am told.

  4. My first time dancing with another man - This is a bit of an interesting one. You see, my dance partner was a 38-year old man named Steven, from Alaska (an interesting side note, he went to the same high school as Sarah Palin), who was the photographer at the wedding. And he was the most utterly gay-and-proud-of-it man I have ever met. The way this dancing thing came up was like this: it was about 2:30, and all those present were very, very wasted (they were all drinking vodka as if it was beer). I had been chatting with Steven for much of the night, and had been acting as his assistant since most people there spoke almost no English, and he spoke very little German, so I was sort of the translator for the night. He quickly picked up on the fact that there were many homophobes there that night, but that I was not one of them by any means. So at 2:30 he looked at me and said, "It looks like we're just about done...want to scare these people to bits?" Now you must understand that I was drunk thanks to my uncle's...guidance, and therefore forgot that certain people such as my grandparents, my uncle and my entire loosely related family-in-law were in attendance. So I said "Sure, what did you have in mind?" And that is where this plan came into fruition. We did what I believe is commonly known as "Brought the house down". But yeah, basically everyone loved it, and I also sort of waltzed for the first time ever! But soon I had to go to bed. Which leads me to my last point.

  5. My first time waking up with a hangover - ...Oh man. I can see where the complaints come from. It was not very good. And I am never going to a party hosted by my uncle ever again! The typical morning problems were compounded by the fact that my uncle was kind enough to leave a prayer alarm clock outside of my family's room, which resulted in a wonderful wakeup call in the form of being called to pray to Allah at 8:30.
I realize that I ramble on a little bit in this post. I will endeavour to organize my thoughts more clearly in the future, perhaps with another, slightly less alcohol-focused, blog post about my time in Germany.



Manda said...

Hey, when in Germany, do as the Germans do. :P Except I've always thought the Germans were fonder of beer than they were of hard alcohol!

Justin said...

LOL! Yeah, it definitely sounds like you got drunk. At least it was only one album... haha.....sorry about the hangover, though.... I hope that's long gone!

Justin said...

Mind-blowing?? Really??? Haha wow it doesnt take much to impress you!!