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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The (much less) Great Open-Source Cleansing

With a very heavy heart, I have come to the realization that Windows-only just isn't going to work. So I've decided to allow myself 4 non-Windows programs to use. Most of these pertain to modifying windows itself, since I'm neurotic in terms of personalizing my operationg systems. With no further adue, these are my selected 4:
  1. Reshacker - A mashup of "Resource" and "hacker". You know those .dll files that every Windows program is chockablock with? Well what they do is they modify the program to fit your computers needs. One might be to specify the resolution size, another might be for your saved games etc. What reshacker lets you do is edit those files, so as a result I have a different login screen, a different icon set, transparent window borders at all times, a Windows 7-esque toolbar etc.

  2. iTunes - Mac fanboys, go crazy. If only I had the Zune I wanted (September 8th!), I could use the Zune software, but since I only have my iPod, I was forced to get iTunes...

  3. Adobe Flash - This should be a "No duh". It's kind of impossible to survive daily web browsing without it.

  4. Steam - Steam is sort of a game hub type thing. Because now that I'm on a system on which I can game, I kinda want to. :P




Justin said...

Nice!!! I just cleaned out my computer too.... I can't survive with only 4 problems though. That seems impossible!!! How will you survive?

Ben said...

Personalizing your operating system? Wow, that's way too hard for me to do! I only wish I could do stuff like that.