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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Great Open-Source Cleansing

For the past year or so, I have been using Ubuntu (an Open-Source Linux distribution) for about 90% of my computing needs. A few weeks ago, I preordered Windows 7 since I have quite enjoyed using the Beta; however, in order to install Windows 7 when I get it, I will have to upgrade from Windows Vista. As a result, I had to install Windows Vista today (Don't worry, I will get to my point eventually!).

While installing Vista today, I came up with a spontaneous challenge for myself, namely surviving with Microsoft-only products until the end of summer. So that means no iTunes, no Firefox, no CCleaner, no Avast, no Google (only Bing), no RocketDock, no OpenOffice, and most importantly, no Ubuntu.

It has only been a couple of hours, but I am already in pain. Considering this fact, I have come up with the ultimate punishment for myself. If I transgress my cardinal rule, I have to resort to, *sigh*, IE6 until Windows 7 comes around. I'm pretty sure that will keep me in check...



Marbles said...

Why on earth would anyone give up itunes for any period of time? And google honestly that's like the key to life. The rest of the stuff honestly not that important to me, but I'm sure you're poking yourself in the eye to distract yourself from the pain.

Manda said...

I was a Windows-only girl until I discovered iTunes and MacBook and Firefox and I've never looked back since. Dear God, good luck surviving!!