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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Musings (while under the influence of anger)

So, I am currently sitting in my school library during second period. My day so far has been amazing. I had an allnighter last night, in order finish up various extracurricular projects. I then had to be at school for 7:30 for music council, where it appears everyone completely forgets about everything we discuss in the half hour meeting the minute it ends. I then discovered that my partner on one of the aforementioned projects (let us call it project A) had not finished all of her part, since she was very tired at 11PM, the poor thing. Which brings me to why I am in the library.

After pulling an allnighter to finish my stuff for project A AND going through 3/4 of the rainforest in notes for the other project (call it project B), I am now skipping a period in order to do my partner's part of the team project. *sigh*

Anyways, I had to save a draft of this to publish later. But then I forgot. So I am no longer under the influence of anger. However, here is another good example of how Canadian kids, in general, do not take responsibility for things they need to do:

A certain acquaintance of mine (for arguments sake, let's call him EgoManiac (and no, there is no deeper reason for me calling him that. :P.)) is participating in project B as well. Project B is a solo project, but one that multiple people are participating in. And for project B, we had to write a short 300-450 word paper.

Now I had pulled an allnighter researching for and writing my paper. I also finished it 2 days before it was due so that the teacher in charge of this project could proofread it. EgoManiac realized on Thursday that it was due on Friday. EgoManiac is not very good at handling stressed, and when he gets stressed (horrendously often), he usually decides to shovel his problems onto someone else. In this case, me.

So here I was on Thursday evening, with American History and Biology exams looming the very next day, walking EgoManiac through his paper. After I had basically written the first two of the three required parts for him, he went into ├╝berstress (I'm part-German, so I'm allowed to use ├╝ber) mode. At this point, I discovered some very interesting information. You see, when I had been writing his paper, he was feeding me research about his topics. I thought this information had been coming from him, so it was sort of bearable. But once he got into his nervous breakdown mood, I discovered that his MOM had been doing research for him so that he could STUDY.

How can someone do that? I mean honestly, does he have no qualms about using other people for his own gains? So in the end, he showed up for American History and Biology, throughly rested and with a good night's studying behind him. I showed up after trying to squeeze in an hour of studying the night before between midnight and one.

And that is why I think Canadian teenagers are, in general, the most overprotected, selfish, needy, self-centred human beings I have ever met. And that experience covers 5 countries, 3 continents and 16 years.



lyrical charlatan said...

You know what you need?

Shiying! said...

Don't do other people's work for them!
case and point: Most group projects are individually marked. If you do your part, but your group is epic failure, then don't help them out. Then you can get a good night's sleep, and you get to watch with horror and amusement when they flail around in stress. >:)

Maybe I'm just mean.