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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I would use Ubuntu full-time if...

So I'm dual-booting a 100% fully legal completely not hacksed version of Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I quickly began to realize that Ubuntu has a number of shortcomings

  1. You could sync videos through it's media players. Seriously, I went through them all. Songbird, Banshee, GTKPod, none of them work the way I want them too. I even tried running iTunes through WINE, but that failed harder than Kevin Pietersen. This is big for me 'cause I need music to distract me from my distractions.
  2. It ran .exes. Yeah, yeah I know, WINE and all that. Well, WINE =/= windows. At all. WINE is great if you're running something for MS-DOS. But try running guitar pro. Or Sibelius. Actually don't. It fails.
  3. It worked every day without fail. As much as it is fun to play with Ubuntu, I have my limits. I enjoyed finding out how to do things with terminal etc. Having to do them over and over again because Ubuntu is weird that way is annoying.
  4. Networking was easier. So I tried to set up a static IP on Ubuntu. Phail just about sums it up. On Windows 7, it is much easier AND IT WORKS.
However, other than these minor qualms, Ubuntu is FTW.



lyrical charlatan said...

"You could sync videos through it's media players." - And this is a problem because...?

And there are some other contradictions in there for me as well, but it's probably because I don't have a clue what you're talking about. :P

lyrical charlatan said...

Also, my last word verification was Aangst.