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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Car Indicator Lights

Alright, before I begin, let it be known that I am not usually this OCD. Let me make that clear. But anyway, here is something that bugs me: car indicator lights that don't blink at the same speed. Honestly, my brain goes berserk whenever I'm sitting in a turning lane and I'm looking at the car ahead of me. I have my car's indicator ticking away like a metronome, leaving me no choice but to try and tap a body part (such as a finger or a foot) to the rhythm of the other car. Which is invariably rushing/dragging.

So, this is a message for all prospective car designers out there. Get together with all the other big companies and decide on standard blink rate! TVs have managed it, as have telephones, flourescent lights, movie cameras, dial-up modems, sound editors (sort of), computer monitors...etc. I know that this won't mean that they'll be blinking at the same time, but a) off-beats are fun!, and b) we can incorporate an atomic clock some time in the future.



lyrical charlatan said...

On the island, there will be a standard blink rate!