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Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh Look! A Distraction!

Some of you may know Little Gamers. If you don't, I would highly encourage you to get acquainted. It is an extremely funny web comic, even if it is written by a Swedish guy! The reason all of this matters is this: I got linked to My Brute through him and am now hooked. Between it and Omegle, I am honestly never going to work again. The basic premises of the two are as follows:

My Brute is basically a senseless beat-em-up. Well, all beat-em-ups are senseless, but this one takes the senseless factor to the extreme. You don't even have to do anything! It's a fighting game without any human input! This might sound boring, but it really isn't. Well, it gets boring after a while, but not as soon as you might think.

Omegle will sound creeperish to you, but do not be discouraged! Basically, it's MSN, except with random strangers. You go on the website and you connect to someone else and you talk to them. They don't know who you are, you don't know who they are. And somehow it isn't creeperish. At all. Just today, I had an enjoyable conversation with an American (a very very rare occurrence), and one with a guy who was going to school in the town I was born in in England!

I would encourage anybody to give them both a try since distractions are :D!



Shiying! said...

Omegle is amazing. Though I had no luck converting Regina.

p.s Nice new layout/background/whatever you wanna call that stuff in the back

Kaylee said...

As if I need more distractions... aren't forums and blogs and Facebook enough??

I'm too shy to try Omegle. Maybe one day I'll have the guts!

lyrical charlatan said...

Omegle (if I ever decide to try it) would distract me from my other distractions, which distract me from the distractions that make me procrastinate on doing my homework.

Now, does this seem like a GOOD plan?

Emsz said...

I have thought about doing omegle, but so far I have been too scared :P