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Sunday, May 24, 2009

If my Saturdays were a Movie Trailer

On Saturday, I arrived at the place I play squash at. I was feeling good, and was ready to play some games.

{Cue Happy Music}

My first game went well, but I could sense something bad was going to happen.

{Flashes of game, fading out}
{Music switches to minor, then cuts out completely}
{Shot of me wincing at the end}

It was my tennis elbow. It had returned!

{Cue Requiem For A Tower}

That was when I realized that this was the time to fight, to persevere! Because tonight, we dine, in hell! (Hang on, that might be the wrong movie)

{Shots of me struggling}

I knew that this was my last chance, I had to emerge victorious!

And then my squash coach told me to take the week off.



lyrical charlatan said...

The 'Happy Music' is clearly Bing Bang from Lazytown. Yep.
And I'm sorry about your hand.