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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Letter to the Republicans of America

Dear most awesome Republicans of America,

How go things with you? How about your mother, sister and brother, are they alright as well? Haha, just kidding. Of course I know they're all the same person!

Anyway, what I wanted to write to you about today was this young upshot Obama and how he's dealing with the recession. Let me start by saying his stance is pretty pathetic. I mean come on, he's saying we need to spend more money in order to kick start our economy! That's like saying throwing more wood onto a fire makes it burn brighter! Oh wait, bad analogy...but you get my drift right! And it's also obvious that this is completely and entirely the fault of the Democrats that we're in the recession in the first place!

Let me give you a bit of a history lesson. You see, Democrats have always been the big spenders. Ignore all those "historians" with their "facts" and "evidence". No, you should be listening to good, honest American men and women like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, they know how it really is. The far-left liberal media is always on their case, so don't believe things they write in those tabloid journals they call "newspapers".

So anyway, now that we've cleared up the fact that liberals are definitely the big spenders, let's look at Obama's record. He has been president for 7 weeks and he has not yet solved the economic crisis. This is just ridiculous ladies and gentlemen. Bush, in his 4 1/2 months, laid the foundations for a good, solid, AMERICAN economy. Yet Obama has ruined all of that in only 7 weeks. I mean just look at the stock market! Bush was president during the most difficult time in the economic crisis, yet he handled it perfectly, as evidenced by the fact that the stock market did not drop too badly. Yet in came Obama with the ground work already set out for him by Bush's bold economic stimulus package, and all he can think to do is copy Bush's brilliant plan. I'm not seeing the change Obama! All I'm seeing is my stocks dropping at a decreasing I MEAN increasing rate!

So, please send this to all your fellow Americans. You'll know who they are.

Yours truly,

A Patriot


lyrical charlatan said...

But Bill O'Reilly truly cares about America! :B