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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend at Blue Mountain

So, I was at Blue Mountain this weekend, just enjoying my skiing, enraptured by the awesome Georgian Bay that I will take a picture of someday but have not yet at this point due to my camera-less existence. [/run-on sentence] ANYWAY, I was on a lift, talking to two girls, who, at first seemed kind of nice. Then the conversation started to go like this:

Me: ...and thus the secondary coefficient of the square root of the hypotenuse is tangent to the reciprocal of the vector. (obviously that isn't actually what I said, I just can't remember what I actually did though.)

Girl 1: Woah, do you have an accent?

Now, if I may digress quickly, that is the dumbest question I have ever heard. And I hear it surprisingly often. Just because you haven't left your white suburban Canada bubble doesn't mean you shouldn't have the sense to realize "Hey, I guess I must have an accent too...". But anyways:

Me: Yup, I've lived all over the place so I guess I do.

Girl 2: Where have you lived?

Me: England, Belgium, USA, South Africa, Can-


Me: Yes, that is what I said....

Girl 1:'re not black.

Me: Why should I be?

Girl 1: Because you're from Africa

Me: *headrestrainingbar*

Girl 2: *sigh*, like oh emm gee Girl 1? Are you, like, totally, like, that, like, dumb?

Me: *Thank god, she knows not all South Africans are black*

Girl 2: South Africa isn't, like, even in, like, Africa.

Me: *loses faith in humanity*

Luckily, I never saw these two characters again, but if they happen to be reading this, please never reproduce, thereby never handing down your genes to another generation. That is all.



lyrical charlatan said...

... *headdesk*
WOW. And you clearly need to get a camera soon! You have *checks agenda* 52 days to do so!