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Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Weekend Is Done!

If you live my side of Greenwich, you are probably currently pointing out that no, I am retarded, the weekend is clearly not done. But it is! You see, this weekend was rather busy for myself since I had to present both of my previously complained about listed projects in their finished form.

Project A is finally done (good riddance!). We could not have presented it better, it was really the best we could have done, which is awesome. We didn't qualify for the international competition, which wasn't exactly a heartbreaker.

Project B is also done (=(). Project B was Model United Nations, and it was awesome. On my committee we saved Obama's daughters from a guy trying to blow them up, allowed a cruise ship full of French tourists to be blown up, let Russia blow up an American sub, prevented Italy from blowing Libya up and were 40 seconds away from letting Russia/China and the USA to blow each other up and take 3/4 of the world with them! Not to blow this out of proportion, but it was a fun weekend. HAHA FUNNY PUN. not.

So now I think I'm going to just stare at walls for fun. There really is nothing else to do. Except for school work, flute practice and theory. There really is nothing else to do.



Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot of people were blown up!! This is the second blog I've read about Model UN in 10 minutes, and it sounds really fun :P I might get a chance to participate in it next year.

Yay for projects being done! :D You could always watch TV. Moving things in a screen tend to be more interesting than walls ;)

lyrical charlatan said...

Even if you guys didn't manage to save Obama's daughters, he would have flown there himself and BSMRed the bad guys.
Point of enquiry: why would the delegate from Belgium stare at walls when there are clearly better things to stare at, such as pictures of cute kittehs?

setsanto said...

@lyricalcharlatan The chair would like to rule that point dilatory at this moment in time, since the chair has seen all of the cute kittehs. Yes, all of them. That is all. Any points or motions?

lyrical charlatan said...

Motion to go into unmoderated caucus to discuss ?

setsanto said...

I'll rule that in order. All those in favour. Thought so. This clearly passes.

Shiying! said...

All in favour of blowing up the world?

Model UN is the bane of my existence. I think I'll join next year.