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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Contrast Dilemma

I use Ubuntu, a great, awesome, FREE Operating System. Now, one of the reasons I love it so much is because of the customization possible on it. This customization has presented me with a rather large dilemma though, namely dark or light.

You see, this was my desktop a few months ago:

Then I realized, I want multiple backgrounds. So it became this (every single wallpaper is on its own desktop):

But that started to get ridiculous, and I started to get tired of black, so along came this:

But now, when I look back at my old desktop, I kind of miss it. So I'm starting to wonder whether I should migrate back to a darker desktop. Then again, the light one is kind of awesome in its own way...and this is why this is a dilemma...



lyrical charlatan said...

Oo, I like the giraffe. Maybe you could alternate... set a timer for it to change backgrounds every few hours or so?

setsanto said...

ergh, I wish. The problem is that the best I can do is to just change the background, not the rest of my setup (the taskbar etc.). My coding skillz are the suck ><. And . The pelican is actually my favourite, but it doesn't fit my colour scheme.

Anonymous said...

Those decisions are harrrd. I love the dark one, but I couldn't last with it for long.