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Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the Lovers and the Liars!

I heard a quote a few weeks ago which made me chuckle. Part of the reason for this was because this quote was recited to me when the summer holidays were still going on. As a result, my sense of humour was active since I did not have a possibility of impending doom (read: assignments) ominously hovering nearby. But nonetheless, it was a good quote:

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the Beatles and liars!
Initially, I took this as just another funny quote. Along came September 9th. If you aren't a total Rock Band nerd, that's the day Rock Band: The Beatles came out. I basically fell in love with the Beatles overnight.

Previous to this spiritual awakening, I hadn't really listened to them very much. I mean, I obviously knew a bunch of their songs (who doesn't?), but I didn't listen to them on anything resembling a regular basis; however, in playing the new Rock Band game it was kind of impossible to not listen to some of their songs, and as a result, I really appreciated their music for the first time. I mean, before the game I didn't dislike them, I just wouldn't be able to, for the life of me, name more than about...15 songs of theirs. But now that I've played this excellent game, I've decided that the Beatles are the greatest band ever (I'm so original!). I think my new favourite song is "While my Guitar Gently Weeps", but, strangely enough, my favourite rendition of it is not by the Beatles. It is by Prince. Oh, sorry, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, aka Prince logo.svg. Why? Because Prince just happens to be a better guitar player than Eric Clapton (who played the solos on the original Beatles version). Link!

I now realize that quote is entirely true. I was in a third category, a category of people who hadn't really listened to much of their music (I'm sad I know!). Nonetheless, the concept of the quote is still entirely brilliant and (almost) correct! Now go forth and love the Beatles!



lyrical charlatan said...

Can't you be both though? I could be a Beatles fan, but I could still be a liar and just not lie about how much I love the Beatles.

Kaylee said...

I've never *really* listened to the Beatles, but from what I have heard I don't like their music. Why would I lie about it? :P

Then again, maybe I'm lying to myself, and if I actually listened to their music I'd love it!

But honestly, their music isn't my "type".

Emsz said...

I've never actually listened to their music that much, but the ones I have listened to I love :) (Though right now I can't remember which ones XD)

Marbles said...

I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!! I feel like of the comments so far not enough beatles love has been represented. It's what I've grown up listening to and still love, I'm a huge 'I am the walrus', 'here comes the sun', and 'come together' fan, actually i really just love them all.


lyrical charlatan said...