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Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Travelled All the Way from 1992 to Write This Blog Post!

Hm, it has been a while has it not...lately I've just been feeling quite unmotivated to blog, but now I'm back! Please, I appreciate the tumultuous applause, but I need to continue with the rest of my post.

Since I last blogged, the following things have happened to me:

  1. I went back to school - This was not such a downer actually. Summer can become quite boring after not that much time so it was actually pretty good to be back! I am in Grade 12 this year, and so far it has not been overly busy. I am taking Economics, Biology, English and Canadian and World Politics this semester, and French, Chemistry, Calculus/Vectors and International Business next semester. I am throughly enjoying all my classes this semester, hopefully the next one will be along a similar vein!
  2. I was elected to the Austrian Congress - Ok, this actually isn't as awesome as it sounds. You see, there's this game called eRepublik, where you are basically a citizen in a country in this fictitious new world. I ran for congress and was elected. Woo!
  3. I was rejected by my computer - The other day, I decided to boot up my wonderfully reliable and kind Windows Vista. It not so kindly informed me that it wasn't activated. I very kindly informed it that it, in fact, was. I then kindly patted it on the head. At this point, I discovered that my pet Vista was actually a brutish three-headed dragon that spewed out hate and rage. Oh, and fire. Duh. So in essence it didn't let me on and refused my petty "logic" and "facts", and I am now using Ubuntu.
  4. I went to a University Fair - This was actually pretty good. I received a lot of information from some really helpful people and I'm now pretty sure about where I want to go!
  5. I got addicted to heroin and crack - For the record, heroin and crack are my pet names for Restaurant City and FarmVille, two Facebook applications which you will never try if you value your life and free time!


lyrical charlatan said...

LOL How did you not know it was a dragon when you got it!?

setsanto said...

It was sneaky. It pretended to be an overpriced motorcycle *COUGH* erm, I mean computer!

Kaylee said...

Lmao @ #5! I've seen my friends on Facebook get sucked in by those two apps. I actually considered trying them but (luckily?) never got the chance.

Congrats on being elected to the Austrian Congress! It sounds interesting. :P

Manda said...

Oh gosh, I'm addicted to Restaurant City too. I am trying really hard to resist Farmville, because I feel like if I add it there's no turning back...

Marbles said...

nice job on the erepublik thing, austria really?

where is it that you want to go to university, i've never talked to you about it.

i'm not sure if i value free time or not i kinda like to waste it. oh well i'm also a procrastinator so i'll never get around to it.