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Sunday, June 14, 2009

To continue on a previous vein...

(aka WTF America. Seriously, WTF)

Some of you may know that the Iranian national elections occurred on Friday, June 12th. Ahmadinejad, the complete nut job that has been in charge since 2005, was "reelected" for another 4-year term. His victory was so obviously fake that his own Electoral Commission has declared the result to be a sham. So what happened? The head of the Electoral Commission "resigned" today.

Now I don't know about you, but this all seems slightly newsworthy to me. Just slightly. I mean, a guy that has denied the Holocaust, has called for the dissolution of Israel and the murder of all people in it, and has vowed to develop a nuclear bomb has just been reelected. In addition, it seems he did this through very very very shady means. The protests on the street of Iran have been huge, which is rare from a country that usually just likes to accept decisions, which is what they did the last time Ahmadinejad was elected.

So what has CNN, along with the rest of the American news stations, had to say about this? Well, up until today (Sunday, June 14th), nothing. Apparently CNN has done a 5 minute spot on it today, but other than that, zilch from everybody. I mean, come on. That's just ridiculous. I understand the whole "We only air stories that people will want to watch" argument (well, actually I don't, but I understand that it is necessary), but is there really anyone who doesn't want to know that he has been reelected?

Lastly, the Republicans have done it again. I kid you not, they are blaming Obama for this. How? Well, according to Mitt Romney, if Obama hadn't gone around apologizing to the Middle Eastern nations that America had screwed over, this would never have happened. Yes, threatening Ahmadinejad would have made everything so much better...

So anyway, get BBC if you're at all interested in actually hearing some news.



Marbles said...

so true... and yet Ahmadinejad brings us such fun quotes as 'there are no gays in Iran' and the amazing SNL digital shorts that follow such announcements.

OMG my word verification was a real word, "chain"